Tammy Leigh Robinson

Inspirational Speaker and Author

Remember when you were young and you had dreams of what you would be when you grew up? We all had dreams when we were children. Then “life happens” and our dreams get put on a shelf and layered in dust. Sometimes, circumstances look as if there is no possible way we can reach our goals.

History records the story of a young woman that had a vision for her future. Suddenly, all her dreams seemed like mountains of impossibility. For twelve years she suffered, not knowing why. Yet, she clung to the promise the she was blessed and her story would be told for many generations.

Walk with me as I uncover the untold possibilities of this woman’s life, as she pursued her dreams, coming face to face with the demons of Doubt, Fear and Death.

Book Launch Date: January 2017
I am a mother of three and an angel in heaven. I have had a passion for writing since I was in Grade one.

After starting several drafts of different manuscripts, in different genres, I was touched by God after listening to the preaching of a man from Europe in 1997. His message was direct: Don’t give up on your dream!

That night I felt God tell me that the next day He would reveal to me what my manuscript would be about. Sure enough, the next day, the idea was revealed and the work began on my manuscript began.

It’s been a long process and the project was often put on the back burner as life happened. Despite the demands of home schooling my three awesome children, going through a difficult divorce, and then turning my back on God while living in an abusive common-law relationship, I gave up on my passion to be a writer.

In 2009, after being hospitalized for 9 days from a suicide attempt, I decided it was time to get serious about my life and my dreams to publish her manuscript.

Today I enjoy speaking to women’s groups, networking groups and the weekly Life Group I host in my home. As an entrepreneur, I am a courageous business woman and I’m always looking for the WIN/WIN opportunity.

I’m fortunate to reside in the beautiful Niagara Region with my husband and soul mate, Keith Robinson. I’m currently writing my second manuscript; Nameless ~A Story of Courage. I also have plans for my third book in this trilogy, Nameless ~A Story of Forgiveness.
Book Launch Date: January 2017

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